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NJ’s Deer Overpopulation Emergency

21 hours ago
Jonna Mae Guillera

Salut 😊 comment allez vous ok cool 🤩 alors je voulais vous invite à venir passé un bon moment 💞 intime et passionnante a fin d'élime vos soucis 🤔 pour plus de détails rejoins moi sur Hangout 🥰🍒 ... See MoreSee Less

National School Lunch Week is this week, Oct. 11-15, and New Jersey has more than 800 schools that participate in the National School Lunch Program. Three school districts that are exemplary in implementing their feeding programs are Newark, Jackson and Bridgeton. Read more at Jersey Fresh Jersey Fresh Farm to School New Jersey Farm Bureau Rutgers Cooperative Extension Vegetable Growers Association of NJ Newark Board of Education Jackson Township Board of Education Bridgeton Public Schools #NationalSchoolLunchWeek Cumberland County Board of Agriculture - NJ ... See MoreSee Less

Something to think about… and the food you eat —-support and buy local. ... See MoreSee Less

Something to think about… and the food you eat —-support and buy local.

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I wish my supermarket would buy from local farmers, but noooooo🙄. Good ol Mexico and Canada for tomatoes when everyone know Jersey tomatoes are the best.

I keep it local at Lee’s Farm East windsor I even freeze Corn for Thanksgiving!!! Love the farm love the product. Love the people …❤️🌻🌸🌻❤️ even been getting turkeys there for the last 26 years. The best!!!!

Buy New Jersey!

True I freeze all my veggies for the winter.

support your jersey farmers they're the best

Fun fact: New Jersey made products, well that isn’t allowed by our state government any of the times we’ve tried.

Yeah! Both of them


Greed floats



Or get stuck waiting to even get on a cargo ship.

I guess that’s why they came up with the phrase : Be careful what you wish for….

We export we import # shit happens

Will we ever learn our lesson? Sigh....

So true !!!!

So true!!

Let’s go Brandon !

There you go....🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

And you don’t get held “hostage”

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No Farmers No Food

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