A broad range of policy issues covered at State Ag Convention

06 Feb 2015, Posted by admin in Meetings and Events, State News

The delegates to the 100th State Agricultural Convention considered nearly 40 resolutions covering various policy issues.  Resolution titles are listed below.  (A new, separate resolution dealing with he issue of Soil Disturbance on Preserved Farms was also added.)  Information on the content of the resolutions can be obtained by calling the NJ Department of Agriculture.

  1. Hunger and Nutrition in NJ
  2. Definition of “Locally Grown”
  3. Labeling of Foods with Bio-Engineered Ingredients
  4. Farmland Preservation
  5. Microenterprises on Preserved Farms
  6. Neonicotinoid Insecticides
  7. Beekeeping and Right to Farm
  8. Pesticides
  9. Safe Food Products at Community Farmers Markets
  10. Low-Hanging Cables
  11. Animal Waste Management
  12. Farming on Public Lands
  13. NJDEP Active Farming Notice
  14. New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station
  15. Use of Native Plants
  16. Wildlife and Agriculture
  17. Humane Treatment of Livestock
  18. Food Safety
  19. Right to Farm Program
  20. Agricultural Offset to Minimum Wage
  21. Agricultural Education
  22. Beekeeping and State Pre-emption
  23. Crop Insurance
  24. Dairy Industry
  25. Equine Industry
  26. Farmland Assessment
  27. Farm Labor
  28. Highlands Regional Master Plan
  29. Horseracing Industry
  30. Horticultural Therapy
  31. Land Use
  32. Pinelands
  33. Renewable Energy
  34. Senate Agriculture Committee
  35. Water
  36. Wineries, Breweries and Distilleries
  37. Staff Authorization