New rules governing many livestock antibiotics go into effect in June.  Producers will need a veterinary prescription to purchase most antibiotics.  Click here for more information from Michael L Westendorf PhD, Rutgers University; Jon E Higgins VMD  Acorn Farmvets LLC and Dan Wunderlich, New Jersey Department of Agriculture.

BBB Tip: How to spot a deepfake and avoid scams

10 Apr 2023, Posted by admin in News

New technology makes it nearly impossible to tell fake video or audio clips from real ones. Now, as the software used to create these “deepfakes” becomes more widespread, scammers are using it to steal money and sensitive information. Click here to learn what a deepfake…

A Zoom meeting providing guidance to County Board of Agriculture leaders was held on Tuesday, January 3.  The agenda included a review of Robert’s Rules of Order, expectations of officers, fostering leadership development as well as some legal guidance for counties. A recording  was made…